The mission: To provide value to its members through the collaboration of operational and technological best practices.

Operations and Technology Consortium (OTC)

The OTC was formed in 2008 to leverage the work being done in support of food bank operational improvements though the Feeding America food bank network, in an effort to optimize outcomes by pooling ideas and resources. The OTC is an official member affinity group. This group is a partnership of Feeding America network food banks interested in sharing and pooling ideas and resources towards improving their operations on a project-by-project basis.

The OTC meets in the 1st quarter each year at the host food bank of the incoming chair.  In addition, the group meets monthly to discuss the topics of the organization and to see the demos of emerging and interesting technology tools in use at member organizations.  The chair and support team are responsible for organizing the meetings and agendas.  During the FSOP's and FTHR conferences, the OTC has both a meeting and a group dinner.

The current elected leadership team is listed below. If you wish to reach them, please complete a Contact form, and indicate whom it should be routed to. 

New Member Outreach - Susan Tisdale, The Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Treasurer -  Donna Striby, Maryland Food Bank

Outgoing Chair - Jesse Baldwin, Road Runner Food Bank

Incoming Chair - Steve Davis, Harvesters Community Food Network

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