Benefits of joining the OTC

Make Connections

  • Connect with other member food banks that are adopting technologies to help streamline their operations
  • Connect with other organizations outside of your current cluster or region
  • Have more fun at industry conferences

Learn from Others

  • Learn from what others have done
  • Discuss programs, methods, options with others that have done similar work or are facing similar challenges
  • Gain access to years worth of OTC collaboration materials 


  • Time
  • Effort
  • Money



The OTC is open to Feeding America Member Food Banks, and invited external contributors. The member organization can maintain multiple log in’s for staff. The membership is at the organization level, not at the individual level.  There is an initial fee to join the OTC, and members contribute a stipend annually, in addition to funding staff to attend OTC meetings. 

If you are a Feeding America Member Food Bank or a Hunger relief industry subject matter expert, you may be eligible to join us. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the Contact page here and include "ATTN: New Member Coordinator" 

All community membership requests will be reviewed/ approved by the OTC membership coordinator and an on-boarding packet will be provided to the named Organization lead.


The initiation cost is $1,000 per organization, and the annual OTC contribution is $250. In part, there is a fee so that members will be motivated to be active participants in the community. For this investment, your organization is given unlimited users and access to this web community, blog content, curated vendor/ services list, message board, downloadable content, and participation guidance for remote and in person gatherings. 

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